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Branded Photos Can Work for All Different Restaurant Types

If you are involved in some way in marketing a restaurant, you probably have many tactics you can employ to get people excited about your dining experience. From engaging customers via social media accounts to offering special meal promotions, restaurants are able to adapt marketing efforts based on typical factors like sales and major brand announcements, but also on less-traditional factors like seasonailty and available ingredients.

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If you’re wondering how photo advertising might fit into your restaurant’s marketing plans, here are three simple ideas you can easily and effectively use to launch a branded photo campaign:

1. Use Customer Photos in Promotions
Brands today are often challenged with using images that are realistic and appropriately showcase the story of the company. This can be hard with stock photos, which is one of the core reasons why branded photos are so appealing. By allowing your restaurant guests to take and share photos of their experience at your eatery, and then using those photos as promotional vehicles, you are able to gather and promote out a unique perspective – that of the customer! Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of exciting your guests by showcasing their photos on your social media channels and other marketing collateral.

2. Celebrate Customer Milestones
Milestones like brithdays, anniversaries and more offer restaurants an easy way to work branded photos into guest interaction. This is because many guests are already visiting restaurants to celebrate such occasions! Since you already have succeeded at getting your customers in the door in these scenarions, branded photos can help to keep them engaged and happy. They can also double as an afforadable giveaway item that your guests are sure to hang onto once they head home.

3. Use Photos to Support Events
Even if you don’t see using photos as an every day marketing happening, you can still reap the benefits for photo advertising at various times throghout the years. Whether you ramp up your marketing efforts around holidays or host occasional events at your location, these celebrations provide the perfect opportunity to introduce photo advertising. Custom branding can also add an additional layer to this tactic by making printed photos even more personalized to your restaurant’s event or promotion.

At PhotoTouch, we know that photo advertising can be an effective marketing vehicle for every type of restaurant. We’ve seen firsthand how branded photos can help to engage customers through our work with Benihana, and we love that the ability to get restaurant goers excited through the use of photos can really work at all sizes of restaurants!

Check out our guide below to see how three different types of restaurants could use branded photos, and get inspired to launch a PhotoTouch or PhotoTouch QuickPics campaign at your own location.

Find Out Which PhotoTouch Solution is Best for Your Restaurant With Our Guide