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How the iPhone has Revolutionized Photography

Do you remember the last time you developed your photos or the last time you used an actual camera? What about the last time you used a disposable camera?

Just a guess… but, am I right in thinking that you had trouble answering any of the above questions?

We all know photography has changed. The iPhone and the rest of today’s smartphones have changed how we take our photos. Truth Facts created this simple, but very impactful infographic showing how much photography has changed. It shows photography now and then, with three factors compared: pictures taken, pictures developed and pictures looked at.

How the iphone revolutionized photography

While the numbers may be exaggerated here, what is true for many people is that rather than taking and cherishing a special packet of photos, people are now snapping a massive amount of digital images that they may never look at again. The good news is, that there really is nothing like holding that printed photograph in your hands!

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