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Increase Your UGC With Three Easy Tactics

You probably know this, but your customers are already taking photos of themselves interacting with your business. Whether you own a restaurant and they’re snapping photos of their meal, you run a golf course and they’re sharing a shot of the scenery, or you’re a brand that is running street team events where your customers or sure to be taking selfies, in many cases, photos that showcase your brand in an exciting way already exist. It’s getting your customers to share these photos with your business and their friends that may not always be easy!

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If you’re wondering how to get your customers to share their user generated content, it may be as simple as trying one of the following tactics:


One of the simpilest and moset effective ways to get your customers to share their photos is to ask! By encouraging your employees to simply ask your customers to take and share images, or having collateral out that poses the same question, you should be able to easily increase the amount of user-generated imagery you’re collecting. If there are certain types of images you are looking for, be sure to ask for them specifically so your loyal customers know exactly how they can help you.


The most popular place to collect and view user-generated content is likely your favorite social media site. That’s because people today are so accustomed to taking photos and immediately sharing them with their network’s online. Mobile apps have made this increasingly easier for your customers to do, so why not capitalize on the opportunity that already exists on social media? Anywhere you have visual space available, add social media icons and information about sharing photos of your business online. It’s also a good idea to create and publicize a business-specific hashtag so you can track any shared images.


So, you’re already asking your customers to share their photos with you and you’re well versed in sharing your social media sites in prominent places. What else can you do to promote the creation of user-generated photos? Incentives, of course! Incentives can be big or small, but they should get your customers excited and make them more inclined to share their photos with you. From contests to customer features on your own social channels, give your customers a reason to share with you, and they will be more likely to keep the photos coming!

Now that you know how to increase your user-generated content photo collection, why not help your fans take better photos! Our simple selfie guide offers fun tips that can help you and your customers up their selfie skills. Download it to learn how!

Check Out Our Simple Selfie Guide