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Integrating Branded Photos into Your Holiday Campaign

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about holiday campaigns and events that can stand out from the rest. Whether you are a big brand, a small business or simply planning your own holiday event, branded photos can add a touch of personalization and excitement to any holiday engagement.

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If you’re wondering how to get started, here are some ideas you can use to incorportate photos into your plans to attract customers and engage guests during the holidays this year:

Get in On the Holiday Cheer with Branded Photo Greeting Cards

Everyone loves a greeting card, and what better time than the holidays to create them for your customers! With the help of branded photos, you can make these cards personalized with your fans’ own photos. This is a great place where the PhotoTouch QuickPics system can come into play. Simply set up an account (it’s Free!) and ask your customers to text their photos to you. You can either challenge them to share photos of themselves interacting with your brand or event, or simply share how they are celebrating the holidays. The system lets you upload a custom message to overlay on the photo, which can be printed out on site and emailed to your customers for sharing online. Hand out your photo cards as a way to thank your loyal customers for their business throughout the year.

Bring a Charitable Campaign to Your Organization

The holidays are a great time to give back to others in need. If your business is already involved in a charitable campaign, why not add a photo sharing component to get your customers more involved in a visual way? If you don’t have a campaign in the works, creating one is easy. One simple idea would be to ask customers to upload photos of a person, group, or organization that is deserving of help this holiday season. Turn the photo submissions into a contest where you select one (or more!) winners to recieve a special donation from your organization.

Make Your Event Photos More Festive

If you’re having a holiday-themed event, create a special space for taking photos. Set up a backdrop, lay out props and other festive gear that people can use, and encourage them to take selfies that can be printed out on site. Or, if you have staff on hand, hand over the photo-taking responsibility to them and let them capture images of your guests getting into the holiday spirit. Branded photos can give your guests a way to carry the excitement of your event home, and for you to increase awareness of your business, cause or celebration even after the last guest leaves.

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Launch a FREE Holiday-Themed Photo Campaign Using PhotoTouch QuickPics