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Integrating Halloween Into Your Marketing Efforts

With Halloween right around the corner, and a whole slew of holidays following right behind, it’sa great time to start incorporating some festive ideas into your business’ marketing efforts.

We’ve done lots of work with haunted houses in the past that have used our photo marketing solution to capture photos of guests experiencing their spooky setups, but even if you don’t have a business that’s hyper-focused on Halloween, you can still use photos to get folks excited about what your brand has to offer during the holidays.

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Here are some fun ways you can get your business in on the Halloween fun using photo advertising:


1. Custome parties and other Halloween-themed events (think community events, craft fairs and more) pair perfectly with photo advertising because they allow your customers to gather together in a pre-determined location for a celebration. This makes taking and handing out photos of your customers in their costumes easy, giving you a great way to market your business through the use on online photo sharing. This is also a great option for running a text-to-print campaign, where event guests are in charge of taking their own photos, which you can hand out as favors during the event.


2. Halloween and other holidays are great for promtional efforts because they offer great inspiration for creating marketing materials. When creating marketing collateral, incorporate the holiday theme with your traditional branding. This type of marketing design can help with promoting sales, deals and other special events that will happen around the holiday. If you’re already running a photo advertising campaign, you can also use your designs to showcase customers enjoying your brand.


3. Holidays always provide great opportunities to run contests. A photo contest can work well here! One simple idea is to challenge customers to take photos of your place of business or products in a Halloween-themed way. Ask your customers to share their photos on social media for the chance to win a prize, and select your winners based on creativity. A benefit to running a photo contest like this is that you may find opportunities to use your customer-submitted photos in future business marketing efforts.


4. What would Halloween be without Trick-Or-Treating?! Businesses with a set location have the opportunity to participate in the  Halloween night experience, handing out candy and launching a photo advertising campign to give out photos of Trick-Or-Treaters in their costumes. You can even enhance your campaign by inviting customers to bring their photo into your place of business at a later date to recieve a special offer or discount. If you don’t have a pysical location that people can visit, look for opportunities to join community Trick-Or-Treating events where you can still showcase your business and hand out photos to event attendees using a street team or other business staff.

How are you planning to get your business into the Halloween spirit this year? If you’re looking to get branded photos in the mix, we can help!

Launch a FREE Halloween-Themed Photo Campaign Using PhotoTouch QuickPics