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Photo Advertising Campaigns You Can Try This Year

With 2016 officially behind us, and planning in full swing for many companies, now is the perfect time to consider adding some new marketing tactics to your business. Whether you’re looking to boost your social performance, interested in hosting more in-person events or simply looking for new and interesting ways to boost brand awareness, the new year provides a great opportunity to test out a photo advertising campaign.

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What is photo advertising? It’s a way to use photograghs, typically of your customers, to encourage engagement and awareness. We like to think of it as taking user-generated photos to the next level, because through customized campaigns, you can provide an easy way for your customers to take and share photos of themselves interacting with your brand. Campaigns run through our system work by allowing a photo to be taken, either with a point-and-shoot camera or mobile device. Photos are automatically branded with company branding, uploaded to a microsite that allows for social sharing and printed off on site so customers can leave with a hard copy of thier branded photo. The beauty of photo advertising for businesses is that it offers a unique way to get customers interacting with you by offering something that everyone loves to share – a photo!

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Interested in trying photo advertising for your business? Read on for some of the most popular campaign types that you can easily add to your 2017 marketing plans:

Business-Led Campaign

More traditional in the sense that the brand holds onto more control of the “message” of the photo, business-led campaigns leave the photo-taking responsibilities with the brand and its employees. This type of campaign works well for large restaurant chains that want the same type of photo experience for customers across various locations. It also is a great option for facilities that run birthday parties and other functions where guests are paying for a photo package as part of their party experience. When the business takes the photos, they are able to better train staff to take they types of photos that make sense for their brand, thereby keeping more control over the look and feel of the campaign.

Customer-Led Campaign

Customer-led campaigns are similar to business-run, with the small difference in who takes the photos. In these types of campaigns, your customers are in charge, which can be a really great thing! It allows people who visit your business to show their experience first hand, and inject a new visual angle to your company online. This type of campaign works by allowing customers to use their own mobile devices to take and text photos to your business. Then, similar to the business-run campaign, photos are custom-branded, uploaded for sharing and printed off on site. While any type of business can opt to use a customer-run campaign, it works best for companies that are more comfortable with allowing their customers to have more control over the messages attached to their brands.

Event-Based Campaign

Event-based campaigns can are unique in that they can successfully use either the business-led or customer-led campaign, or even a combination of both! Maybe your business is hosting an event where a professional photographer or trained staff member will be in attendance to take photos, but you also like the idea of having guests showcase their experience. It is 100% possible to combine both types of campaigns to accomplish that! Also, because events tend to have a shorter timeframe than a longer campaign that might be employed at a restaurant, for example, there may be more excitement over customers taking and sharing their own photos because they are likely to be taking selfies of themselves during the event anyway!

Now that you know how photo advertising works and the different ways your business can consider using it, why not continue exploring the benefits it can provide. To help, we’ve put together a simple guide on ways brands and events can use printed photos as part of their marketing plans. Check it out today!