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PhotoTouch QuickPics vs. Traditional Photo Booths

For many companies and event planners, photos have been a part of campaign for years. From traditional stock photography to user generated content, photos have helped to serve as a more visual connection between brand and customer or event guest.

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Today, there are many options available to marketers and event planners who are looking to add photos to their promotion and event plans in meaningful way. One of the more popular options, especially for events and short-term campaigns are photo booths, which can be set up to allow guests to leave an event with a customized photo. While there are many benefits to this solution, there are also added ways to engage guests beyond the photo booth.

PT QP vs Photo Booth Image.png

At PhotoTouch, we have worked with numerous clients on campaigns that use photos to attract, engage and encourage repeat interaction from customers and event guests. If you’ve ever wondered: What is a photo advertising campaign? We have the perfect guide for you! We’ve put together a simple-to-read infographic that compares and contrasts our newsest offering, PhotoTouch QuickPics, with the more traditional photo booth option.