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The Keys to Taking a Great Photo

Photos are impactful. They often convey a strong moment in time and provide people with visual reminders of the things they have done and experienced. Today, photos are often just a smartphone click away and editing comes in the form of Instagram filters and iPhone apps, but it can still be helpful for marketers to understand the basics of how to get a good shot – especially if you are running a photo marketing campaign.Simple ways to improve your photo skills.

The good news is that while taking a great photo does require a certain amount of skill, it isn’t something that can’t be learned with some helpful tips and practice. Read on for some simple ways to make your photos great:

Keep an Eye on the Light

The light can really make or break a photo. Before you shoot, take a look at where the light is coming from and how it will interact with your photo subjects. Natural light is often the best type of lighting for your images, but be sure to use the flash when needed, too. The flash can also help during the day, so it’s worth a try if your photos are coming out with too many shadows even in natural light.

Remember the Rule of Thirds

This is a simple one, but extremely important for framing up your photo in a visually appealing way. The rule of thirds works exactly how it sounds – break your frame into thirds, using both horizontal and vertical lines. Then position the person or object you are photographing within these imaginary lines. Remember, the core object of the photo doesn’t have to be directly in the middle of the grid to make the photo look good!

Look at the Background

No one likes a photo where a plant or some other object looks like it’s coming out of someone’s head! Before you snap that final shot, take a look at the background. Does anything strange stick out to you? If you’re having a hard time getting a good backdrop, sometimes moving to an area with less going on can help improve your photo without much extra work. Also, be sure to get close to your subject, especially when the person in the shot is more important than the scenery. This can help to focus your photo and cut out unnecessary background images.

Understand Your Photo Device

Whether you’re using a point and shoot camera, fancier DSLR camera, or your phone or tablet, it’s always a good idea to understand how your device works. Before you get started, take a few moments to read the camera manual and take a few test shots. Sometimes experimenting with the various features available to you is all you need to make a good picture great.

Now that you know how to make your pictures pop, learn more about how PhotoTouch’s photo marketing system can help bring the power of photos to your business!