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Two Options That Can Customize Your Photo Advertising Campaign

Adding a photo advertising campaign to your company’s marketing plans can be a great option for business’ that are looking for flexible ways to engage their customers and drum up additional awareness.Customizing Your Photo Campaign.png

This is especially true with PhotoTouch QuickPics campaigns, as they are customizable on the admin level to meet your business’ specific needs. If you’re considering trying out a free PT QuickPics campaign, the following are two ways you can optimize your account to meet your business’ goals:

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1. Unlimited Prints vs. One Print Per Person:
One way you can decide to customize your campaign on the backend is by deciding how many photos you will allow your customers to take, share and print. For some businesses, limiting the number of photos a single user takes doesn’t matter – the more the merrier! For others, the quantity does matter. For example, if you are hosting an event, you may want to limit the number of photos your guests can take so that each person only walks away with one print. You can adjust the number of photos customers can take in the admin settings once you’re logged into your account.

2. Keyword vs. No Keyword
When we originally launched PT QuickPics, all campaigns were required to use keywords when customers were texting photos to the system. This allowed businesses to use a custom word as an extension of their campaign, adding more personalization to the system. We realized that not every business may want to use keywords, especially if they were launching campaigns where sharing photos quickly with little explaination on the process was necessary. That’s why you now have the option to use a keyword with your campaigns or skip that step and move straight to photo sharing and printing!

Whatever type of photo campaign you are interested in, PhotoTouch QuickPics can help!

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