A Case Study on Glade Inc.

Glade Inc.

Glade’s captures photos at NYC pop up boutique

The Partnership

PhotoTouch partnered with Glade, the well-known air freshener and candle company, to provide a photo solution to support their 2014 Pop Up Boutique. The temporary boutique offered holiday shoppers with a multi-sensory and interactive journey through five fragrance-inspired spaces – ending with the chance to share their experience through photos.

How it Worked

After entering the boutique, the PhotoTouch system prompted guests to register their name and email addresses on iPads in order to receive a custom guest pass with a unique barcode. This barcode activated the photo session in each room, while seamlessly creating a unique ID for each customers’ images. At the end of the experience, guests were automatically emailed instructions on how to preview their images on the Glade website and share them on various social networks.

The Stats

  • 27,000 photos were uploaded using the PhotoTouch system.
  • Nearly 3,000 photos were posted across social media sites, with 8,000 clicks generated to view the photos.
  • 2,000 emails were sent including the branded photos, increasing traffic to the Glade website by 74,000 page views
27,000 photos
27,000 photos
2,000 user emails sent
2,000 Emails Sent
3,000 + Photos on Social Media
3,000 + Photos Shared
8,000 + clicks generated
8,000 + clicks
74,000 unique Glade website visits
74,000 unique visits